A Turbine drive travelling sprinkler designed especially for sports turf watering. Customer service and your satisfaction is our number one goal. That said, there is still a need to irrigate the turf to help keep it healthy and viable as a useable and desirable surface. Applications. RM Speedy Rain mini hose reel irrigation machine. 27. The Rollcart - An economic and efficient method of irrigating large areas of turf with minimum effort and reasonable cost. The Perrot RollcarT is a travelling sprinkler that is ideal for watering large turf areas. Garden and small area travelling sprinkler                              £132, Buy 50m of professional hose with the sprinkler and get 2 brass hoselock type hose connectors free                                 £60. Food Plots & Pastures. Just connect a 1/2" hose to the back of the sprinkler and lay the hose out around the area to be irrigated avoiding hairpin turns. Crops & Gardens. It requires at least 40psi at the mains tap to operate. Underhill Tracker Traveling Adjustable Speed Control Irrigation Machine The Tracker T-400 allows you to economically irrigate large areas from 3/4 acre to 2 acres where an underground irrigation system would be too costly or impractical. Automatic watering systems are the ideal solution for most gardens. 94. Kifco's B-Series Water-Reels are used around the world to irrigate football fields and other sports turf. Multiple fields may be watered with one unit by utilizing the convenient tow hitch design to move from field to field. STOP wasting time to fix your pop-up sprinklers. Our products are adapted to stadiums, sports complex or simple sports fields in natural or artificial turf. © 2020 Agrovista UK Ltd - Pitchcare.com is a trading name of Agrovista UK Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales. Whether you need to irrigate a sports field or a sugar cane field, we are sure to have an irrigator to suit your requirements. Try our traveling sprinklers to water anywhere and everywhere in your yard without the need for an expensive irrigation system. All of our irrigation options can be fitted with appropriate adaptors to work with existing quick valve or traditional hose connections. Water reels irrigate golf courses, polo fields,soccer fields, football fields, recreational fields, parade grounds, cricket fields, and $42.94 $ 42. Traveling sprinklers are ideal for dust control, irrigating small farms, parks or pastures, and land application of waste water. Automatically moving wheeled systems known as traveling sprinklers may irrigate areas such as small farms, sports fields, parks, pastures, and cemeteries unattended. A range of small hose reel irrigators with low pressure requirements and offering a cost effective solution for irrigating football and rugby clubs, sports fields and parks, equestrian complexes and market gardens. Suitable for Golf Fairways, Football and Rugby fields, Croquet and Polo lawns, Cricket pitches or any other large grassed areas. Traveling Big Gun® Sprinklers are capable of high uniformity water application when the proper sprinkler flow rate, operating pressure, and travel lane spacings are selected. Authorized Wholesale Dealer of Travelling Irrigator Hosereel for Raingun - Sports Field Travelling Rain Gun Sprinklers, Automatic Traveling Irrigator Machines offered by Vedant Enviro Agro And Irrigation Technology Private Limited, Nagpur, Maharashtra. Travelling irrigators are uncomplicated systems that are easy to transport, operate and troubleshoot. With respect to all of these categories, the king of the traveling sprinklers is the Nelson 1865 Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler. Sports Fields & Grounds. Capable of achieving a throw of up to 18 m in radius, the RollcarT can be used in larger turf areas, parks and sports grounds. Only trust a Water-Reel! Traveling Sprinklers. Travelling irrigators are sprinklers fixed to a moving platform, ideal for applying water on small farms, pastures, sporting grounds and parks. Small and compact, the Speedy Rain range of hose reel irrigators deliver water via a sprinkler mounted on a skid or trolley (depending upon the model) via a polyethylene hose that is mounted on a drum. Simply position the machine at the end of the run, disengage the drive, and pull the hose and sprinkler down the area to be watered. 4.4 out of 5 stars 2,565. The Nelson 1865 Rain Train travelling sprinkler is the ideal solution for the watering of lawns and smaller areas of grass. 3.6 out of 5 stars 2. Sports Field Designs Rain Bird detail drawings for Sports Field Irrigation products are now available in two popular formats: DWG for AutoCad users, and PDF for easy viewing and printing. They are available in many variations of size, speed, hose material and hose length. They may be the smallest of our irrigator range, but the RI 10, RI 20 and RI 30 have the features to prove they are the best small irrigator on the market. All rights reserved. Industrialization. Manufacured of cast iron with aluminium sprinkler arms this unit is not to be confused with cheaper plastic models. BigSprinkler.com is a source for those "hard to find" commercial grade sprinkler heads, pumps, and accessories not available in local stores.. Our wheeled sprinkler carts are an affordable solution for irrigating larger areas such as gardens, yards, playgrounds, sports fields, horse riding arenas, and … our sprinklers … Traveling sprinkler systems are semi-autonomous, hydraulically powered units that have seen a growing level of popularity in the last few years. Once the sprinkler reaches the drum it automatically stops switching the water off enabling the machine to be moved to the next position. Horse Arenas. Water-Reels® are the premier hard hose travelers in the irrigation industry. Retractable Reel Sprinklers make pasture irrigation easy, provide sports field irrigation, irrigation of parks and cemeteries, as well as fields … These water cannons pair to the most common hose reel machines for application rate, flow, and operating pressure. The portability, ease of operation, and unmatched performance capabilities of a Micro Rain traveling sprinkler are ideal for any sports complex. The most popular solution for hose reel traveler irrigation are the 100 Series and 150 Series Big Gun® Sprinklers from Nelson Irrigation. 2 models available - 200P -25mm hose x 50m long, 300P - 32mm hose x 90m long, Low Pressure operation (200P from 1.5 Bar - 300P from 3.5 Bar), Part circle sprinkler supplied on skid base (25mm x 50m model) or 2 wheel adjustable trolley (32mm x 90m model), Water connection hose with QC couplers supplied, The 200P machine (25mm hose x 50m)                                 £1200, The 300P Machine (32mm hose x 90m)                                 £2250, Buy 50m of professional hose with the sprinkler and get 2 brass, hoselock type hose connectors free                                 £60, Shop - Landscape and Garden Pop-up Sprinklers. Irrigating sports fields is complex, this is why Rain Bird offers equipment specially designed for all sports applications: football, rugby, horse riding, tennis, etc. All design files are grouped by major sports field types. $58.27 $ 58. IrriCruiser MINI very easy to use, efficient, turbine drive, LOW-COST travelling irrigator suitable for lawn, sports fields, golf, race courses and small- to medium size hobby gardens. The water driven turbine winds the cable back on to the drum whilst the sprinkler irrigates dragging the hose behind it. Portable Retractable Traveling Reel Sprinklers from Smith Irrigation Equipment just make sense for irrigation of all types of sports fields, including football fields, soccer fields, soft-ball fields, baseball fields, lacrosse fields, and sports complexes, including school grounds and recreational grounds and fields. FREE Shipping. The machine irrigates a diameter of between 5 and 15m and moves forwards up to 20m per hour. One in position engage the drive piston and turn on the water. Kifco offers sprinklers specifically designed to cool, rinse and condition synthetic turf fields. Hard and Soft Hose Travelling Irrigators for Parks, Sports Fields, Pastures and Crops. There are metric and imperial plan measurements, available for most drawings and are organized by the type of sports field application. Once the machine reaches the end of the cable it automatically shuts off. Watering your sports complex has never been easier! ... Orbit 58322 Traveling Sprinkler, Green. A range of small hose reel irrigators with low pressure requirements and offering a cost effective solution for irrigating football and rugby clubs, sports fields and parks, equestrian complexes and market gardens. RollcarT-V1 Travelling Irrigator with 50m of 25mm Hose and 120m Poly Cable We import the RollcarT-V1 from the manufacturers in Germany and it is everything that you would expect from a German factory. It’s made by a family-owned company in Kansas that has been manufacturing irrigation equipment for more than 45 years. For everything from a council park area, school playing fields to large crop fields, we have it all ! Sit the front wheel over the hose pipe and set the speed of travel on the gearbox (two speeds and stationary). Your grass will be greener, flowers brighter, and trees healthier with one of our sprinkler systems. Experts on the Field, Partner with Professional Products. This method of irrigation can be particularly cost effective, while also being less manual than some irrigation methods. Discover the MICRO RAIN Advantage. Copyright 2020 © Water Dynamics. Ideal for athletic fields, cemeteries or any other large area with a … Whether you need to irrigate your sports fields, water your horse arena, irrigate your pastures & paddocks, or you are looking for an alternative to a stationary pivot system to irrigate your crops, Kifco has the irrigation reel for you. they are all available at smith irrigation equipment. The Check out our complete line of turbine drive traveling sprinklers to discover the benefits of owning a Micro Rain system today! Hard and Soft Hose Travelling Irrigators for Parks, Sports Fields, Pastures and Crops. Sports Fields Plans. Model 50FBT / 170: 110mm hose diameter / 420m hose length, Model 40FBT / 130: 40mm hose diameter / 130m hose length, Model 110G / 420ES: 110mm hose diameter / 420m hose length, Model 90G / 300C: 90mm hose diameter / 300m hose length. Small travelling sprinkler suitable for watering football, cricket and rugby pitches from a good mains water supply. Water reels, for example, are portable traveling irrigation systems that can be moved from … Water Dynamics is the Australian distributor of Irtec’s hard hose travelling irrigators. Traveling Reel Sprinkler This retractable sprinkler helps make an easy job of irrigating pastures, sports fields, golf courses, parks, and cemeteries. Traveling Sprinklers An underground irrigation setup is not ideal, or in some cases possible, for all sports fields. An underground irrigation setup is not ideal, or even possible, for all sports fields. Traveling Sprinklers Travelers Are Designed And Used On Lawns, To Sports Fields, City Parks, Cash Crops, Commercial Sites, Arenas Or Pastures. Smith Irrigation Equipment is the Gold Standard for national and international solutions for irrigation traveling sprinkler sales, service, and replacement parts. Blue Jay Irrigation has been supporting sports fields with their turf care across Ontario for over 30 years. Typical Irrigation designs for various sports fields are available in DWG format for AutoCAD users and in PDF format. Sports field and large area travelling sprinkler £1300 VAT and delivey extra RM Speedy Rain mini hose reel irrigation machine. Photo: The Toro Company. Travelling Sprinklers from buyirrigation.co.uk. Best of all, B-Series Water-Reels are proudly made in the USA! Like to know more about the advantages of travelling irrigators? Oct 2, 2016 - Waterreel portable traveling sprinklers for irrigation of sports fields and recreational areas. Just pull out the nylon cable and stake using the metal spike provided, connect a 1" hose to the machine and your water supply and set the machine to operate. Turn the water on and the rotating arms begin to turn which in turn drives the machine forwards watering the grass as it follows the pipe. This heavy duty German engineered machine is powered by water and can irrigate an entire football field in two passes! ZKG 1.5" DN40 zinc Alloy Nozzle Irrigation Sprinkler Water System 360 Degrees Adjustable Rain Spray Field Sprinklers New. Portable systems: Many school and community sports fields do not have in-ground irrigation systems and rely on rainfall or above ground portable systems to provide needed water. Get … It gives you maximum flexibility and big performance when compared to most store bought sprinklers. "traveling sprinklers, traveling gun sprinklers, big sprinklers or small sprinklers on a portable stand or cart, irrigation sprinklers, wastewater sprinklers, and dust control sprinklers all have something in common. Sports field and large area travelling sprinkler                     £1300                VAT and delivey extra. Travelling irrigators are sprinklers fixed to a moving platform, ideal for applying water on small farms, pastures, sporting grounds and parks.. Travelling irrigators are uncomplicated systems that are easy to transport, operate and troubleshoot. The best traveling sprinklers are heavy, mostly or entirely metal, come with automatic shut off features, have unique and varying speed and spray settings. Contact us today on 1800 571 812. If your budget doesn't stretch that far buyirrigation.co.uk offer a range of sensibly-priced, large area professional grass watering and smaller lawn watering products to suit most applications. A shut off ramp installed at the end of the run shuts off the water whilst bringing the machine to a halt. The RG25 Traveling Irrigation Sprinkler is a … Easily move sprinkler heads wherever you need them most to ensure optimum watering for your entire grounds. These Units Are Used When Underground Sprinkler Systems Are Either Impractical Or Too Costly. The hose is then automatically wound back on the drum pulling the sprinkler and irrigating as it goes.