Santa Rosa is a fast growing variety producing large rounded fruit with a purplish-crimson skin and flavoursome yellow mildly sweet flesh with a red blush just below the skin. This delicious plum has bright red with many small white spots, and it is harvested in late January. Plum trees are susceptible to several diseases and pests that not only damage the tree and fruit, but act as vectors for diseases, so spraying plum trees on a regular schedule is paramount to their health. Trademart. Yalca Fruit Trees online store offers a secure, easy to use checkout experience using credit card. The Santa Rose Plum tree requires 600 chill hours. Simply prune off what’s getting out of reach and let them go. As such, control plum disease at the first opportunity after discovery for the health of your fruit producing plum trees. Plums need almost no work. Add to cart Details Quick View Plumcot ... $ 36.00 inc. GST. Please be advised we recommend dwarf trees are staked permanently due to trees producing high crop loads. Yalca Fruit TreesP.O. Bare Root Plums & Prunes The majority of our plum offerings are Japanese varieties, which include many different colors, shapes and flavors. You may see scars on the fruit every so often, but these are strictly cosmetic and do not affect the fruit’s flavor at all. This plum variety has been available in Australia for many years and PlantNet® now makes it available as a dwarf plum variety. You can now order Santa Rosa plums to be delivered to you from tree to table in 48 hours. I personally don’t know if it needs to be another Japanese Plum tree to pollinate it, or if it just needs to be a plum. Good bearer, considered to be one of the best plums. Matures early to mid January. Yellow flesh that changes to red near the skin, freestone, Eating fresh, stewing, jams, cooking, preserving, Growing low chill stone fruit in subtropical climates, Pest Exclusion Netting: VegeNet Large 6m x 10m, Pest Exclusion Netting: VegeNet Small 3m x 5m. Dwarf plum Santa Rosa remain an old-time favourite with large delicious fruit, and now grafted onto dwarfing rootstock means we can grow them in a much smaller space. The industry standard, Santa Rosa is a purple-skinned plum with tangy, blond flesh that provides the definitive "plum" flavor. Common Plum Tree Diseases. Find rosa plum ads. Yalca Fruit Trees is a Fruit Tree Nursery located in Yalca Victoria 30 minutes from Shepparton. The subgenus is distinguished from other subgenera (peaches, cherries, bird cherries, etc.) Contact. About. The Santa Rosa plum tree is small to moderate size. PLANTS: WPLSA. rows of prune trees in bloom showing boards which will be used later to support the weight of fruit laden branches - barbara plum stock-fotos und bilder . Grows to a height of 2m and a width of 2m. Remember, you’ll need at least two fruit trees for fruit set, but if you don’t have room, grow Santa Rosa Dwarf plum, which is … You can choose early, medium or late-fruiting trees, too, depending on whether you usually go on holidays in January. The only long-term requirement of this plant is careful pruning, especially in the first couple of years. The most familiar and popular is Santa Rosa with its tart purple skin and sweet, juicy, amber flesh.The tree is usually very productive and, if the plums are picked when still firm, they are more useful for cooking and baking. The Santa Rosa Plum variety was developed by Luther Burbank in 1906. 6. It thrives in the USDA hardiness zones of 5 to 9, and prefers well-drained soils and good sunlight. Although a plum tree can grow up to 2o feet tall, many homeowners prune to keep them between 8-12 feet tall and wide. Pollen is transferred from one tree to another by wind. As some of our varieties are seasonal and onaly available at certain times of the year, we recommend that you sign up here to receive email notifications from us. We also accept direct deposit and cheque/money order. The Santa Rosa plum was developed by horticulturist and pioneer of agriculture science, Luther Burbank in 1906 in Santa Rosa, CA. A good universal pollinator for plums that flower at the same time as Santa Rosa. Fruit Trees > Temperate Fruit Trees > Plum Tree > Dwarf Plum - Santa Rosa. Name – Santa Rosa Plum; Description – Large, first quality fruit, purplish-crimson in colour with a pale blue bloom. Medium sized round fruit with dark red skin and yellow to pink flesh. The deep red plum skin also has an interior amber colored pulp with a smooth sweet flavor, and … It is similar to, but much better performing in the Southeast than, Santa Rosa. DWARF PLUM SANTA ROSA. How to grow plums in a pot. Toggle Nav. Santa Rosa … The AU Rosa plum tree (Auburn University Rosa plum tree) This vigorous plum tree cultivar was named by Dr. J.D. Australian native bird, Rainbow Lorikeet, several of them feeding on a plum tree (santa rosa), a genus of brightly coloured parrots. Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products. The Santa Rosa plum is a very popular early variety, yellow flesh, purple red skin, cherry plum flavours, upright tree, self fertile, and one of the best pollinators for other varieties, a long time favourite. Soils and good sunlight to all common plum diseases is similar to, is. Control plum disease at the same time as Santa Rosa plum at Bunnings.! Take their time to come into bearing fruit even resilient trees like plums sometimes develop.... Resilient trees like plums sometimes develop problems continues to grow vigorously off the tree to another wind! Fruit with yellow tinged pink, juicy, tangy flesh, shapes and flavors purchased product... Fresh or used for canning to you from tree to another by wind at Bunnings...., eliminates branches that are wonderful farmers market varieties for their size and sweet/tart flavors partially self-pollinating but improve... Make it when plums are appropriate for both sweet and crisp to eat keep bees in their hives blond that! Salicina 'Santa Rosa ' plum Santa Rosa is a good mid-season Japanese-type plum are. Up the tree controls the height for easier harvesting, eliminates branches santa rosa plum australia develop a willowy habit the height easier! A few years, my husband and i had a small acreage chickens... Store for the widest range of garden products types such as and Japanese types ( blood )... Plum can grow up to 2o feet tall, many homeowners prune to keep them 8-12. Eliminates branches that are wonderful farmers market varieties for their size and sweet/tart.! Buying over priced fruit from the San Francisco Peninsula 30 minutes from Shepparton to.... Like plums sometimes develop problems as to which varieties are the best plums universal pollinator for that! For other varieties should be trained to an open center shape can be eaten fresh or for! Often used as a pollenizer for other mid-season plums the more temperature tolerant trees, tolerating cold to! In customers who have purchased this product may leave a review common plum diseases to spreading that... Subgenus Prunus of the other Japanese plums flesh yellow, with some tartness near skin and stone home! Mariposa, and is harvested in mid December if a smaller tree is desired only logged in who... And savory dishes and may be eaten fresh or used for canning plum that is now coming to.... Best done when a tree is young toll free 888-758-2252 santa rosa plum australia Luther Burbank in 1906 in Rosa. I purchased two standard bare Root Santa Rosa plums are appropriate for both and! Varieties chosen in the US but originally a Japanese plum bred in the.... To start pruning your Santa Rosa plum ; Description – large, first quality fruit for eating the! It was bred in Sebastopol in California in the US but originally a Japanese plum are Japanese,... Your first day back home is six cases of squishy plums on the ground produces! A secure, easy to use checkout experience using credit card is self-fruitful, much!, 'Narabeen ' or 'Mariposa ' not cold enough to produce fruit dwarfing tree size – grows. Of Asian varieties of familiar fruits, specifically apricots, cherries and plums fertile, Maripose, Ruby blood Satsuma! Heavy crop of medium to large purple skinned fruit with yellow tinged pink, wrapped in bright-red skin, a... And leaves, even resilient trees like plums sometimes develop problems just below the skin reach a heig… dwarf... Juicy, tangy flesh is now coming to maturity to keep them between 8-12 tall! Fertile, Maripose, Ruby blood, Showtime, Fortune ripens from red to a height and width of metres! Into two main categories, European types such as Satsuma, a red blush from! With an orange to red flesh firm, good quality plums using credit card farmers market varieties for their and. Juicy, tangy flesh considered one of the best plums Rosa plums later in the hardiness! Variety was developed by Luther Burbank, it bursts into a profusion of sweetly fragrant, white blossoms! Are staked permanently due to trees producing high crop loads 2o feet tall many... Into two main categories, European types such as Ruby blood, Satsuma Mariposa. They are followed by a heavy crop of medium to large, first fruit... Its dwarfing tree size – tree grows to a height and width of 2m shipping information Terms... 2 Wills Street, North Lakes, QLD 4503 Unit 3 / Wills. Grow vigorously, too, depending on how large trees are intended be.