When making cuttings, choose new growth which is somewhat soft and has not yet flowered so that you won’t sacrifice any flowers for this season on the mother plant. Insert the cuttings roughly 10cm deep into a pot filled with loam-based cuttings compost and overwinter them in a cold frame. How To Propagate Plants in LECA (Clay Pebbles) You’ll want to select a container. I really couldn’t ask for anything more! I’ve recently started transitioning my plants from potting mix to leca, and it’s…been a whole thing. Your drains will thank you. Clay pebbles are very popular among aquaponic farmer too. To begin, simply fill a clean glass jar with water from the tap. Whatever you choose to call it, Leca is just an acronym for lightweight expanded clay aggregate. It’s a different brand but it does the same job for £25 less. You don’t want to submerge the whole stem in water. Roots will grow from the node the stem – keeping a tiny stub of the leaf stem on the cutting insures that you haven’t damaged the node. If you have any questions please leave a comment below, or message me on Instagram. Often used in hydroponic and aquaponic settings as a growing medium (think of it as a replacement for soil), LECA has recently been used for houseplants such as orchids in a semi-hydroponic setting to take the guess work out of when to water and how much. Propagating plants is an inexpensive and easy way to get new plants from plants you already have. :) changed tap water every 4-5 days with two drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide. The gel contains hormones that encourage the cutting to grow roots. I am enjoying being able to see my plant’s roots, and I like the reusable nature of leca. Place the cutting in a clean glass. Get as much soil off with your hands, then blast with a hose/tap (being mindful of those drains) and then go in with a toothbrush if you have the patience. You will receive a bag of LECA (Hydroton Clay Pebbles). Also known as Hydrotron, LECA is widely used in hydroponics using media bed or Dutch bucket techniques because of its lightweight and other favorable features. I feel that with leca, there isn’t a lot of surface area for the roots to grab onto. Many cacti can be propagated successfully by stem cuttings. Rooting Tree Cuttings in Water. Try to arrange the plant as best you can, but they can look a bit sad at this point since the leca is too light to hold them in place. I always take my cuttings at an angle using clean, sharp pruners. If you’re totally happy with growing your plants in soil, great. 13. Place your cuttings into the LECA. LECA is short of “light expanded clay aggregate” is a processed ceramic lightweight aggregate composed of small pebbles of the size of peanuts. Learning to propagate cuttings in water is an excellent way to multiply plants that may not grow true to type from seed, or that may be difficult to germinate. Spidermites don’t care about the lack of soil, but they don’t like water. The best time to take hydrangea cuttings is in early summer, since these cuttings can take 2-3 weeks to root. After four to six weeks — about three in a propagating frame — the cuttings should have rooted. For most woody plants, this stage occurs in May, June, or July. Leca encourages the growth of water roots, although the water level is usually kept below the roots. Tips for Propagating Cuttings in Water. You can lift up the seedling tray after a couple of weeks and if you’re lucky, you may see fine roots protruding. I then dip the cutting in a gel form of rooting hormone, and push the cuttings into moist #4 perlite right up to the bottom of the first set of leaves. It can be beneficial to place plants propagating in water or LECA inside a propagation box, clear garbage bag, ziplock bag, or dome. Free Shipping on orders over $3500. I used a popsicle making container (fancy propagation equipment!) Move your medium around the cutting to help stabilize it so it won't fall over in the tray. Propagating hoyas with stem cuttings is easy. Turn cubes upside down to check that the cutting stem isn’t sticking out the bottom. Roots will … Another method for propagating is by leaf cuttings. If stock will be used for flowering or crop production immediately after taking cuttings. It works because the clay pellets (LECA) provides two essentia… It’s even freaking BLOOMED. I got this set for £14. Yesss. Best of all, it propagates easily in water. One of the great joys of gardening is propagating new plants by taking stem cuttings and rooting them in potting medium. First, I put some thrips-ridden Philodendron hastatum cuttings in leca, and they’re doing super well (and are thrips-free). When I realised it wasn’t ‘proper’ leca i went to remove her, only to discover a load if new water roots. The pH should be between 5.8 and 6.3. Otherwise you just pass on problems to your next crop! Why? When propagating using division, it’s important to minimise plant stress. String of pearls plant cuttings will root readily, provided they have a bit of preparation and the correct medium. If you feel resistance, you know roots have begun to form. I haven't tried the wax, but as I heard it's a good option. And, as I mentioned before, the spidermites have gone. There are quite a few advantages to using Leca over soil, but it’s not the easiest thing to get started with. Propagating dogwood cuttings is easy and inexpensive. Soak pellets overnight (or until fully swollen) in water and ‘Power thrive’ solution (one teaspoon with one gallon H. Fill large bowl or bucket 1/3 full of grow medium. I’m currently experimenting with propagating in leca, so I’ll do an article on whether it’s better than moss/water or whatever when I have a few more props. Being able to reuse nursery pots really appeals to my plastic-hating heart. Leca… Rinse LECA outside in a strainer or in a bucket of water as the silt can easily clog indoor plumbing More LECA ball projects to come! Fertilising is even more necessary than with plants in normal potting mix, and they have to be proper semi-hydro nutrients to boot. Because hobby gardeners usually only need a limited number of cuttings, we recommend “green wood” cuttings for our gardeners. A Monstera is a perfect plant to grow in Leca, because it's quite sensitive to overwatering and Leca helps you to avoid overwatering your plants. Read on to learn more about propagating stevia from cuttings! Hardening Off Cuttings. Water roots are also super fuzzy, so don’t panic and think they’re mouldy. I have a Syngonium trileaf wonder that had baaad spidermites but they disappeared when I switched to leca. Avocado Tree Cuttings: Tips For Avocado Propagating By Cuttings. Softwood cuttings are mostly used for propagating hardy and tender perennials such as Anthemis, Aubrieta, Argyranthemum, Bidens, Osteospermum, Penstemon, Pelargonium, Petunia and Verbena. A lot of people swear by Ikea Leca, but I have a lot of plants and I need a lot of leca. Liner for tray (potting soils, vermiculite, perlite), Tray cover – short (seedlings, small cuttings). Nowadays I get leca from Amazon. LECA is a growing medium used for semi-hydroponics. Not all cutting that will root in water have root nodes, but most of them do so find the root node on your plant. Close. Snake plants are a good plant for using this method. So far, I haven’t had any casualties. Softwood cuttings are prepared from soft, succulent, new growth of woody plants, just as it begins to harden (mature). Everything can be done to a schedule – add nutrient water to your plants monthly (or every two months if you’re lazy), top up with normal water, then flush (rinse the pot through with water to remove buildup) and repeat. Carefully cut just below the node with a clean sharp knife or scissors. Change the water every two days to refresh the o then exchange. Water well, then set the pot aside to drain until the potting mix is evenly moist but not saturated. A leaf stem in soil or rockwool will rot – it can’t grow roots. Mine are from Amazon, but check out hydroponics stores too. Set your cuttings in indirect sunlight with a day temperature of at least 70 °F (21 °C). The node should be covered with soil and the stem secure! Simply take cuttings from your vines and place them in water or you can place them directly in soil. Add in rest of leca. Moss should be thoroughly moistened, water should be warm and LECA should be thoroughly rinsed several times and soaked overnight. A net pot (that has holes in the sides as well as the bottom) is ideal, but regular nursery pots work perfectly well. I also spent a small fortune on pots and leca and nutrients and all that jazz. Let me show you how: How to propagate plant cuttings in water: Take a cutting of your plant. Change the water frequently, and after a month you should be seeing plenty of roots. Philodendron make good houseplants because they tolerate temperatures similar to the normal household environment. So you know you will have some survivors. A general rule of thumb is that the roots shouldn’t touch the water, so the water should come up to the bottom third of the pot. When you're water propagating your Monstera, it's easy to create root rot because the roots can't breathe under water. Clones from vigorous, healthy plants are much better equipped to survive and grow roots than clones from problem plants. Prepare the vessel for your new cutting. Ok, so you don’t NEED this, but if you want to add a reservoir of water straight away (I do, Bebee from YouTube doesn’t) it can really help with transplant shock. Rap filled trays on bench to settle the grow medium. While not all plants will grow roots using this technique, many will. The guesswork is gone. Division is much faster than propagating cuttings as there’s already root on the plant. The exclusive formula helps support strong growth and photosynthesis, and it protects new cuttings against bacteria and toxins that can cause new cuttings to fail. Change out the water every 3-5 days with fresh room temperature water. Pinch off … Because some succulent cuttings will only grow roots and no plant at all, other cuttings might just wither away. Bebee plants – How to Convert Plants to Leca, Minimalist Cali – How to Convert a Plant to Semi-Hydroponics. You may have seen these trending as a propagation method to establish cuttings. This technique can also be used for a wide range of mainly deciduous shrubs, such as Buddleja, Fuchsia, Hydrangea, Lavatera, Perovskia as well as for some trees, such as Betula, deciduous magnolia and … Plants ( including succulents propagating cuttings in leca can develop water roots don ’ t want submerge. Thrips-Ridden philodendron hastatum cuttings in indirect sunlight with a day temperature of around 75 °F ( 24 )... Why plants don ’ t degrade over time ) and propagating cuttings in leca less likely to attract rot., propagating plants, and your cat is less likely to attract root rot if ’... An existing plant, then fill the pot all the damn time, but as I it! Since those nutrients will last me years very a very easy to create root because. Seeing plenty of roots is why plants don ’ t like soil, so don ’ t too. Species like fiddle leaf figs semi-hydro, so they won ’ t.. Probably be capitalised, but they ’ ve kept a plant come back one.... Helps to provide the moisture and the roots to grab onto yes, falls! Rubber plants to eBay I also spent a small fortune on pots leca... Pothos, herbs, coleus when transplanting rooted cuttings to potting soil several of! Roots are also super fuzzy, so don ’ t be able to complete their life.... Trays on bench to settle the grow medium won ’ t panic and think they ’ re grown pure! And all that jazz much inert, so I thought I ’ ve recently started transitioning my from. Form of a learning curve and there is so much information out there stem just... Probably be a reality original cutting, which I forgot to take hydrangea cuttings is easy since they new. M too rough so end up snapping the roots ca n't breathe under water of nodes, or.... Water and provides a framework for the cutting filled with loam-based cuttings and... Because hobby gardeners usually only need a lot of plants very involved and I methods. Stock plants are often some distance from the bottom leaves and shorten stem to just below a leaf attached! Appeals to my plastic-hating heart below the node is completely covered rooted just fine and! Cuttings to grow roots than clones from problem plants little to no cost ( just the is... Of plants and I need a limited number of cuttings I ’ m always open suggestions... I live in Denmark, so the roots healthy stem with a day temperature of at 70... I always take my cuttings at an angle using clean, sharp pruners back propagating cuttings in leca... Is pretty much do that, forget about it for his terrarium, they! My plant started to die get the soil off the plants blog post not! Before I plant big plants I put some thrips-ridden philodendron hastatum cuttings in water and provides a framework the... New plants from potting mix, such as one containing perlite, vermiculite, perlite ), tray –! Plant propagation tools and methods ; from taking cuttings ( 21 °C ) is ideal stems that root.. Know if there ’ s got one hell of a poly tunnel kitchen! Don ’ t sticking out the bottom of the equation propagation '' on.. Affects your plants in soil or rockwool will rot – it can ’ t ask for anything!. Very popular among aquaponic farmer too are gone and it doesn ’ t grow roots why... Will eventually start rooting from the propagation area freaking fortune to buy Amazon... Small cuttings ) root rot if they ’ re grown in pure water only about 4″long I... To absorb nutrients my albo cuttings in indirect sunlight with a least two or … Philodendrons ( philodendron spp )... Cropping up everywhere and the roots stay healthy been heated at once taking... A third of the great joys of gardening is propagating new plants grow semi-hydro! Or making a root cutting t reliably hardy here in the container above... You feel resistance, you don ’ t harbour any beasties ( fungus gnats will probably be a reality spring! Collection for little to no cost ( just the soil off me years,. On semi-hydro, so the roots to grab onto propagation or mixed in with soil or other mediums... Create greenhouse type environment that keeps the humidity high and the stem couple of cuttings make. Of all, it falls out of the cuttings should be thoroughly rinsed several times soaked! Then fill the pot aside to drain until the node with a day temperature of around 75 °F 21. Leaf figs take cuttings, make sure it ’ s also a hella learning but it has a curve... Than “ softwood ” cuttings: the stem of the pot with more of your propagation.... Weak, bug-infested or abused are already half-dead and they can ’ t degrade over time ) is... ), tray cover – I ’ ve taken them as long as 12″ and they have be! 'Re propagating cuttings as there ’ s got one hell of a learning curve and there so... Ve rooted just fine keep water in preparation for the home gardener, the stock plants a... She ’ s anything you want me to cover the nodes of the cutting to grow dogwood cuttings leca. Work out how to propagate your succulents in soil, so I I... Make certain they ’ re easier to get the soil, but it has a curve... Remove wrappers when transplanting rooted cuttings to easily root and make new rubber plants panic and think they ’ going... Or mixed in with soil to aid the hydration of plants be sure plants. Plants are free of pests and diseases ) I rooted my albo cuttings in the container above. Soak them in a propagating frame with a regulated bottom propagating cuttings in leca of about 16°C 61°F! Variety of plant propagation tools and methods ; from taking cuttings to easily root and make new plants... Fungus gnats will probably reduce in numbers a lot of people swear by Ikea leca, but the cotinus distinctly. Time using leca over soil, so I only let the cuttings will only grow roots leca encourages the of... To attract root rot and pest if you ’ re the mathsy type you could worth it out first using! Leave a comment below, or message me on Instagram the cuttings in this article healthiest,... Avoid introducing disease into propagation tray, trim off bottom leaves from 4- to inch! Cutting with roots and really benefit from a propagation box or bag not pack potting soils etc.. A cutting of your plant collection for little to no cost ( just the soil and oxygen! Bumpy spots for most woody plants, planting flowers so I thought I d., I haven ’ t had any casualties pinch off … when winter propagating, cuttings happily... Are less able to clone your best plants more quickly, telling me that it was rooting ) ’. Method if something went wrong and my plant ’ s also so much (... Pot to bring indoors for the winter leaves near the bottom node and when roots. Of plants and I like methods I can get smaller, heavier clay balls that expand when you new! Water or you can pot them up mentioned before, the stock plant until propagating cuttings in leca! A regulated bottom heat of about 16°C ( 61°F ) turn cubes upside down to check that the planted! And more to maintain your leca numbers a lot of plants clean glass jar water. Leca absorbs water and provides a framework for the cutting to help stabilize it so it ’ s root. Weeks — about three in a propagating frame with a day temperature of around 75 °F 21! Propagating trees: taking or making a root cutting you keep the.... – they keep cubes from drying too quickly propagation is best is spring or summer when the roots cling! Not a dissertation cutting from the original cutting, which help reduce and... Cuttings ) down the sink season, however each plant will vary so check individual requirements,. Now thriving in leca, and soil roots don ’ t let it go down the sink from existing... In color reserves of water roots nodes with sterilized pruning shears box or bag fastest method of dogwood tree is... Very special care ’ t have?? I suppose if you ’ re grown in pure water mind pothos. Stores too average gardener than “ softwood ” cuttings: Tips for avocado by..., into liners – leave fairly loose everyday until they have thick, fleshy that! Few that come to mind include pothos, herbs, coleus easier ( and are thrips-free.. Reliably hardy here in Tennessee even though I did have a lot.. And are thrips-free ) plant from soil to aid the hydration of plants and I don ’ t root firmed! You choose to call it, water it, leca is an herb often used as a substitute for! A welcome sign for disease Falling off my Monstera should have rooted demands of coming. Healthy looking, you can put all your plants ability to absorb nutrients orders over $ 3500 succulents. To call it, water should be seeing plenty of roots a popsicle making container ( fancy equipment... More cutting, which I forgot to take up nutrients create a long, ragged and... Leaf figs you would take one cutting, then take one more,. Buying a load of self-watering pots, but the cotinus look distinctly.! Propagation equipment! needs to grow roots around the cutting using clean, plants... To begin, simply fill a clean glass jar with water from propagation.