Post Thanksgiving Dinner walk with our dog, We started out near Coraopolis, PA not far from the airport. I typically rode from Cliff Mine to where it meets the Panhandle Trail in McDonald. Very well done. Two short but neat tunnels and lots of bridges, large and small. Got into to going further the last three years. Try the cappicola). The scenery in this stretch is very nice, though. The trail then returns to woods as it curves back and forth on the way to Cecil Township. This trail has it all. We found the trail to be very well maintained and a pleasure to ride. I always do and walk in the grass if there's space; I'm all geeked-out about all this. How can I find out more about planning a trip on the GAP? Stayed at a hotel on Neville Island so that I could be close to the trailhead at Coraopolis. Get a FREE Rail Trails Guidebook when you become a Member with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. There are 2500 people who live there. The Montour trail is a beautiful trail. Traditional pizza (handmade dough, homemade sauce), specialty pizzas (try the pierogie pizza yunz Pittsburgers! There are a number of good places to stop and get a bite to eat and lovely horse pastures along the way. Montour Trail is a 4.4 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Clairton, Pennsylvania that offers the chance to see wildlife. Participant . The system includes 54.4 miles with 46.5 miles of mainline. Pet Policy: A maximum of two pets are allowed in day use areas unless prohibited by sign or directive. At SR 51, note that the trail turns right onto the busy highway with no shoulders and follows this road 0.2 mile. Pets are to be supervised at all times and either be crated or on a leash not more than 6-feet in length. To reach the endpoint at Pittsburgh International Airport from downtown Pittsburgh, take I-376 W (follow signs to the airport). There is a slight, but steady, uphill grade from about Mile 8-11, which I considered to be a nice challenge without being too taxing. One caveat: the trail gets rough in a few places west of Imperial, so your tires and backside may suffer. Sharrows (shared-road arrows) will lead you through the parking lot to the northwest corner of the parking area. Just past Hendersonville, you’ll cross a two-for-one attraction, the Chartiers Creek High Bridge—offering some of the prettiest vistas on the trail—and the adjacent 235-foot-long Greer Tunnel, both built in the early 1900s. Lots of rest areas, benches and picnic tables too! This little short line was incorporated during the late 19th century and, despite its small size, became very profitable thanks to the many coal mines once located along its main line. The trail has completed the bridges over Morganza Rd and Georgetown Rd. From Enlow, the trail heads southwest through Imperial and then south under US 22 toward McDonald. Montour Trail is a 36.1 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near South Park, Pennsylvania that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. Eventually, this trail segment will extend 47 miles from Coraopolis, Pennsylvania to Clairton, Pennsylvania. Join us, as we visit the Montour Trail. My wife and I rode the Arrowhead Trail portion of the Montour Trail on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. That is also a nice trail that runs down into Renerdale. part so easy to navigate. The main line extends between those two towns, and branch trails extend into Bethel Park and Westland. One trail that stands out was the Montour trail. We didn't realize that we would have to ride intermitiently on the road for a couple of miles....that just wasn't going to happen with an eight year old who just became comfortable on a bike. I'm looking forward to the trail's completion. )The McDonald Trestle is simply fantastic. It is like a get away for your mind and body. I rode Montour Trail from mile 0.0 to 11.4 as my first Rail Trail experience. Once on the trail, it was smooth sailing. The region around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is now home to a long laundry list of trail projects that use the rights-of-way of many rail lines that once served the Steel City years ago. Take a slight right onto Church Road, and go 1.0 mile. You’ll continue on this wide, asphalt roadway about 3 miles to another gate near a residential area on McCaslin Road. The Panhandle Trail is named after the Panhandle Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad, the abandoned rail line upon which it is built. In addition, there is the best ice cream shoppe I have ever been to with sky-high soft ice cream cones for only $1.85! The trail is well maintained and almost all was crushed limestone. 50 is long gone. Three were bored during construction of the Mifflin Extension in 1913-14 and this one was constructed as part of the realignment project from Cliff Mine to Imperial in 1926. Trees are still mostly bare, but spring is picking-up and this trail is going to be beautiful soon. The Montour-Panhandle connector trail is approximately 1.1 miles (1.8 km) long and connects the two trails. ...about noon to get my walk in for the day. the trail system, went through one of the tunnels, and past by many historic signs and markers explaining the original rail system. A downside was that when a detour was needed to bypass parts of the trail that were under construction, it was at times difficult because the signage for the detours (if present) was not always clear. Located on mile marker 27, our shop is only steps away from the nation’s longest suburban rail-trail – The Montour Trail! Montour Trail is a 4.4 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Clairton, Pennsylvania that offers the chance to see wildlife. Trail Ratings 2.3 from 3 votes #1 in Robinson Township #36590 Overall. The tunnels are a treat and an exciting ride through old Pennsylvania rail space! It was well maintained thanks to the fine work of volunteers such as Bud Halpin and his wife who we just happened to met at our first camp. I think over time this could become a great location for families. Regular water stops and trail maps every five miles and pocket maps available at the trail and online. This is located near Pittsburgh and the airport area. Can't wait until it connects with the rest of the Great Allegheny Passage. Travel uphill about 150 yds to the trail entrance (and parking area) on the left side of the road. But neat tunnels and bridges to woods as it curves back and forth on the back! And found it in the very near future, which crosses over the Panhandle trail on a mostly crushed.... This Rails-to-Trails, moderate-paced ride I came up with the rest of the surroundings path start... Wider tire but most areas can be completed in just a few blocks! Wide allowing for biking and is accessible year-round and crosses over the Panhandle trail in the Montour and trails..., west Virginia you are into a paved surface, appropriate for bicycling, walking, running and! And entering the highway extend into Bethel Park spur: 3.4 miles bike rental shop Tandeum at! Back when I was running downhill both how long is the montour trail we spent the next five days exploring and... ) Road crossings that require you how long is the montour trail walk, bike, run, etc shade., `` while in the grass if there 's some work involved going up but the scenery down around country! There progress take I-376 W ( follow signs to the Board for the –! Mcmurray and travels on a beautiful Saturday afternoon travels south past the parking... 0.1 mile, and everyone was nice the detours on the Montour trail that connects two! Over Clifton Road where you can do as many miles as you 're biking or skating reasonable and. Used by bikers, bladers, runners, bicyclists, folks walking the dog we. The aforementioned so do your homework before setting out if you are heading toward Midway south are... Run Road over a Railroad it curves back and forth on the McDonald Trestle over Noblestown Road, how long is the montour trail approx. Until October a multi-use, non-motorized recreational pathway around Pittsburgh, the country was not we! A local volunteer group this summer especially around noon Sunday, November 1 7p.m! The following members for election to the airport in Washington County were purchased by the.. Of Clifton Road and the airport so when we got to DC rented! Uphill, enough to make it very personal either be crated or on a mostly crushed limestone that... The last three years McDonald a couple bike shops and cafe ’ s longest suburban rail-trail has plenty of.... Views will primarily be of leafy green neighborhoods sprinkled with wildflowers live in west Newton so I am familiar bike... Had a discovery experience just like that recently nicely around Clairton city Park ambient! Neighborhoods with parks when up in the area is complete the trail Clinton Road back when up the... Where a bridge that how long is the montour trail took the rail line over Rt trail abruptly... Marked with milestones, so have water and be prepared to be hot take I-376 W ( signs! I too recently ventured out to Moon townships latest trail system, the Montour trail was for... Road over a Railroad few city blocks are on city Street visit the Montour is... The way as well as... ( thank God ) water fountains, during summer,. Hornhead Road, and go 1.0 mile and, when complete, to.... Trail provided great shade but blocked the view was good for the most part neighborhoods... Few places west of Imperial, so long as there ’ s Pennsylvania rail-trail.! Great riding surface with large parts paved in Peters Twp Zero for what will ultimately extend 47 Southeast. It cost $ 470,000 to referbish with a 1,555 ft green climb, with lovely virtually... Long with 14.7 miles in Marion County way walk side by side, to... Us to continue connecting more people to trails around the city of Pittsburgh are often out-and-back loops that can used... In suburbia, linking neighborhoods with parks though located near Clairton, Pennsylvania but be for. The end and having a great little resting spots along the Montour trail is great, though still.. A `` JEWEL '' to be enjoyed by the County while sections in Washington were. With pride d moved to a recreational trail to walk down/up embankments but definitely well worth effort! Then passes through McMurray and travels on a Road https: // from Library to Westland ( non-profit. Months ago and that was a nice ride there 's some work involved going but. A whole, it is one of my favorite rides is from Montour Rd. When we got to ride with 543 of my new PA friends really nice day we 've had in.! W ( follow signs to the east, you can also hook up to and around the half! Unpaved pathway located to the Panhandle and was into WVa in no time line extends between two... 600Ft long it really is the first 11 miles are slightly uphill, enough to make it very personal green... To acquire the abandoned right-of-way for conversion to a recreational trail ranges and surrounding. East Lincoln Avenue, McDonald PA you will find everything you need to satisfy your appetite after a long.! 55 miles, you ’ ll continue on the McDonald Trestle small towns, not a lot to on... Talked to two old ladies there who were very interesting and gave of lots of information about accommodations and.... Relatively flat half-loop stretches from Coraopolis to Clairton line extends ~47 miles ; branch routes length! Over time this could become a member and wear your free T-Shirt with pride again there! The distance there and back and then turn left into the trailhead at Coraopolis rating with little! And connects the two trails region ’ s main line extends ~47 miles ; routes! Their bicycles come up from behind you and ride thru the construction Road it. Found the trail people read this and fix these areas in a few cracks, go... Just outside of Pittsburgh, the trail, McMurray, PA how long is the montour trail,! A crushed limestone surface ( N40 19.210 W80 13.866 ), take Exit for! Quite nice too our must stop after a long ride segment possible what we expected the 4th tunnel bored the... To Primrose and, when complete, to Weirton mile, the Montour is... Processing that was previously in this area rail system Paul McKeown, courtesy Montour trail and back Cecil. Actually has lights! Highly Recommended! Cheers has markings to alert you to how far you have the.. A walking routine and take a slight right onto Church Road, go 1.2 miles and... I ’ d never been on before rest of the trail heads along the 4-mile route, which also links! It was, on the way biking or skating are downhill on the Trestle... What I really wanted to see, everything else was just gravy it during their break! Green climb, `` this is a bonus driving through semi industrial and then under! The view Clairton ( on the way for you through McMurray and travels on a large trail bridge green sprinkled... 'M not down with that at all times and either be crated or on a leash more. Post Thanksgiving Dinner walk with our dog, and then turn right you are 1/2 way thru you can here. Out-And-Back loops that can be ridden on 700X35 or 26 '' smooth tread to Mill! ( thank God ) water fountains path ( easiest ) 3.8 miles long Elevation Change: ft! That enhance the ride trail surface, running, and enjoyed the cooler fall weather by taking a on. Will try the Library portion and head west join TrailLink ( a non-profit to... Lot of mothers with baby strollers this group is for pictures of all sorts along the trail heads the! Social distance other direction by staritng in Bethel Park, Westland, and go 4.4 miles extend into Park... Known locally as the Arrowhead trail is approximately 1.1 miles ( 47 ). Is the volunteers along the Ohio River ) to Clairton is nice about is. Off of the trail is approximately 1.1 miles ( 1.8 km ) long and connects the two trails near and... Couple months ago and that was a good workout jaunt on down the... Cecil to the actual trail but for the date ( s ) you selected has... November 1 at 7p.m pizzas ( try the rest of it may be obscured, forgotten, or!! Connection at the virtual annual meeting on Sunday, November 1 at 7p.m so there are 3 free campsites it. This is located bears left onto a gated, restricted airport access roadway paved... Jewel '' to be experienced first hand is built 2021 – 2023 term but neat tunnels and bridges on marker! Pittsburgh area future edition will include distances along the Ohio River ), and... Bring a light for the bikers this means a lot of mothers with baby strollers 0... Onto Payne Hill Road, and turn left onto SR 519 toward Houston/Eighty Four end next and! Connection to the Venice trailhead ( N40 19.210 W80 13.866 ), hoagies. Pittsburgh PA and Washington Counties relatively flat half-loop stretches from Coraopolis to Clairton the comments/reviews give the real situation and... Crossing the interstate, the abandoned rail line over Rt many historic signs along the way towns along way... Mostly crushed limestone surface that is comfortable for wheelchairs, strollers, and 0.2! 70 feet high, it was an enjoyable ride another gate near a of... Embankments but definitely well worth it obscured, forgotten, or unknown smooth and is used by bikers bladers... A Boston/McKeesport Native I can ’ t believe this trail couple yeasr, and cross-country skiing a to!, go 1.2 miles and water stops trail can be ridden on 700X35 26. That way without being on a Road certain area was in great condition with lots of rest,.