You can sell to adults directly by going to where they gather and you can sell to them also by supplying restaurants. And the best thing about the business is no part of the plantain is wasted because there’s always a market for both types of plantain – ripe and unripe plantain. There are different examples of snacks. Required fields are marked *. If you’re interested in reading the full article here is it “how to start puff puff business in Nigeria”. Starting a business of selling snacks is a great venture to do as it can be quite profitable with a high chance of making appreciable profits. Remember that most times it’s not the business itself that has a problem. Read Also: Bakery Business in Nigeria: How to Start and Make Profit. Most snacks are produced mainly with flour. With ultimate resource on marketing, advertising and other related areas for students & professionals, as well as business ideas & tips for small business owners & aspiring entrepreneurs. Remember the difference is always in the taste. It will be highly appreciated. With whatever amount you put into snacks business as start- up capital, you get the money back double or more depending on how skillful, efficient and consistent you are with the business. Take a close look at apple products, that’s what they’ve successfully done. So one day she decided to pick the nearest bus-stop close to her house and just start selling even if it’s on Sundays alone. If possible get your suppliers first before you start making it large quantities. This where you come in. I’ve shared this so many times on the blog so let’s not waste so much time on it and go into today’s topic right away. That’s because the materials to start snacks business in Nigeria are not expensive. She established the business using around €7,000 of her own personal savings, as well as investments from friends and family. You can prepare all the Nigerian snacks recipes on this page in the comfort of your home so what are you still waiting for? Nigerian snacks are either baked, deep-fried or roasted. You need to learn how to make doughnut for sale – Knowing the right ingredients to add and the right measurement. Nice but I didn’t see the business of frying eggs with indomie sandwich into bread with tea preferable for customers as snacks, I have interest in that type of business but I didn’t see it in your blog, my problem now is capital any way. This is another profitable business you can start with 100k in Nigeria. So you want locate near a store you can easily get the raw materials like flour needed for production. Below is the list of snacks business you can go into. Yes, you as an owner can also be the pulling force holding your business down. You can learn from videos on YouTube and perfect this yourself as time by. Akara (Bean Cakes) This is one of the most popular snacks/food in Nigeria. After payment, text your full name, email address and title (e.g. How to start and run a successful pizza business in Nigeria, Complete guide on running a lucrative TRICYCLE transportation business. Get trained to acquire professional baking skills, Conduct extensive market research to know the type of snack your target audience will appreciate the most (remember this step is key to helping you have an edge over your competitors), Seek for fund to start your snack business. Very interesting information! Recherchez des marchés par pays, ville, région et horaires de visite. Hello my loved one! You can make your profit from fried yam business by knowing where to gain your profit. In Nigeria , for instance, there are egg rolls, puff puff, buns, meat pie, doughnuts, fish roll, chin … Don’t be surprised if the graduate selling puff puff in your area is making more money than you going to a 9 – 5 job. Yes, you have to learn first. Depending on how wise you are with the business you can even make more by for example buying your plantain in bulks and selling your plantain chips in traffic, malls, and stores. Keep in mind that cooperative also collect monthly interest funds, until you pay them up completely. Yes, I have seen people sell sausage roll in traffic. I have seen a couple of persons sell a small package for ₦50 (containing 3 pieces of bonce) and the random style of selling 1 piece for ₦10. I wanted to be sure everything was fine with her. Plant trees under whose shade you do not plant to sit. Although, not yet common in many parts of Nigeria it is a business that can be welcomed any time you introduce it. Yes! From the little knowledge, I have about the snacks business in Nigeria the process of making egg roll is totally different from the process in making every other snack in Nigeria. As at when I am writing this article, a Congo of flour is around ₦300 (, The snack business in Nigeria is very profitable, The business doesn’t require high technical skills, Snacks are very affordable, and that’s why the business is fast moving. This is the first snack business idea in Nigeria you should try. To make a massive profit from your akara business, you need to rent a space at one of the biggest junction in your area. How To Start A Tricycle Business In 8 Easy Steps. Imagine getting an oven instead of the ₦5000 or ₦10,000 your uncle wanted to support you with. After some little questions with her trying to know why her donuts always finish on time, she told me churches around the area have started buying them in bulk – some buying the doughnut for their children department and some buying it to refresh their church members before they go home. Be creative in terms of looking for better ways to make people buy from you more. 0803 406 3804. Furthermore, it educates prospect about your brand. More info. You just have to start frying and start selling but most importantly make accounts and look for more possible ways to do better. Lucrative in the sense that it demands less capital and money to produce yet it yields massive profit. Because many restaurants have so much to do and meat pie demands so much stress they might avoid making meat pie for their customers. Embrace the strategic concept of branding and packaging your snack. It’s when your product is of good quality … We put efforts in writing all the articles on this blog so please check out our copyright page for our copyright policies. There is a popular saying that goes thus “What is worth doing at all is worth doing well”. As time goes by you can now by more. You never can know what may come out of such act. Bowls; Stirring rod; Rolling pin; Fork; Table or flat surface; Tray; Source of fire; Baking utensils (pot, oven) Show glass; Packaging materials Money will take care of all these. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is just to test market your product to see how people are reacting towards it. Snacks Production Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Report. Get in Touch. It can be very sensitive because of the major ingredient used in making it – beans. So now I want you to do me a favor by making sure you don’t look down on these types of snacks business I’m about to share with you. Most of the dishes are easy to cook. My next tip on how to start snacks business in Nigeria is to use the idea of branding and packaging to your advantage. However, when your products start climbing up stages in its life cycle, copy cats will come up. This is another lucrative snacks business in Nigeria and best-selling snacks in Nigeria I cannot wait to write a full article on but for now, I’ll try my best to explain how you can start this business right from your home here. While you see some fish farmers making millions from their fish farms, you will see some other farmers in the same business making just thousands and this is not the matter one got more opportunity than the other. You can make huge profits from it by doing extra things that other caterers don’t do like registering with events planners in and around your locality so that they can outsource any small chops contracts given to them to you, selling to businesses and companies during their break time, supplying for birthday parties and anniversaries of companies and giving huge discounts for every customer that refers someone to you. Summary on how to start snacks business in Nigeria. Recently I just wrote an article exposing the wealth in puff puff business in Nigeria. And the best way to do that is to get a job and save up part of your monthly allowance. Business Description of Flavored Plantain Chips Business Plan in Nigeria. Don’t think of the business in the short-run rather think of it in the long run. This happens to be one of the of the quickest ways of raising money for a business. As a beginner, you can start selling at or in learning institutions around you. Location is very important when it comes to making big sales in your donut business. With whatever amount you put into snacks business as start- up capital, you get the money back double or more depending on how skillful, efficient and consistent you are with the business. Be very truthful to yourself and make sure you’re good enough or rather in the best position to keep to their terms and condition. This is where you getting your capital comes into play. This is why learning is very important here – when it comes to these, producing on a large scale you have to get your taste right. In summary, gather enough information on what your competitors are doing. Chin chin business in Nigeria is another lucrative business for you if you are not just passionate about making it but also creating a brand. Above all, just make sure your prices are competitive. Also, let me know if there are topics you want me to write about on the blog or talk about on our YouTube Channel or maybe our podcast. And you will appreciate any form if assistance they could render to getting you started. However. It require little capital to start up; The snack business in Nigeria is very profitable; The business doesn’t require high technical skills Snacks are very affordable, and that’s why the business is fast moving … It is a good business if you pay more attention to the location – where you will be setting up the shop or space. About 3 years ago, I met a woman not too far from my church that sells doughnut and gradually I became her customer. Or rather you can go a different route by registering your sausage roll snacks with NAFDAC and branding it to sell to supermarkets, big shops or malls either of these will make you stand out from the rest. Trending. As at the time I knew her, she was on the roadside because she couldn’t afford a shop. Dangata Industries Limited is a food processing company that produce and package natural food products that are health-promoting baked foods, confectionery, etc in ready to consume packs. snack production business in Nigeria is a very lucrative business but many people are not aware of this they just think that it’s just the side road business that doesn’t make a lot of money but has not true snacks are seen as one of the fast food to eat and people in such business and making it big time. Don't let criticism get to your heart ♥ and don't let compliments get to your head. Life motto: The next step after learning is to make a budget of how much the equipment and ingredients will cost and proceed to buy the equipment and ingredients used in making meat pie but you know we’ll not be able to do this without capital. List of Snacks companies and services in Nigeria. With time, you can improve to small chops and start supplying restaurants. This is how you should think if you really want to create wealth selling chin chin. Authored by We have vegetable oil fried akara and we have palm oil fried akara. It totally skipped my mind when I was compiling the article. As we all know children cannot afford the meat pie snacks except if their parents buy it for them so you only have the option of selling to adults. Here are some tips for you if you want to start your own doughnut business in Nigeria and make it. 18 Dangote Industries Limited. A market cannot be termed as over flooded as long as you have something different to offer neither can it be luxurious. We have awesome content there too. Let me tell share with you some benefits of a good package. My advice here is you should learn how to make it first, then get your capital, then buy your ingredients and equipment then select a good location and finally start to sell. Like I said earlier, you don’t necessarily need to learn how to make it if you can employ someone to do the making for you. There will be more updates as I discover more snacks business in Nigeria. There are different examples of snacks. You can also support us by donating a little token for the sustenance of the blog. You can decide to self-fund it if you have enough money to and if you don’t have enough money you can ask for help from your family and friends. You can start and indulge in production activities from the comfort of your home. However, below are some of the things you should consider before choosing someone to learn from. Although, not yet common in many parts of Nigeria it is a business that can be welcomed any time you introduce it. As usual, let me know if I missed any part of this article. KULIKULI: Kuli Kuli is a snack that is also eaten in other West African countries besides Nigeria. Take your time as I reveal some hidden secrets about business in Nigeria to you; You see the ability to turn any business into a multi-million naira business is not really the business it is the effort and the little tips and tricks you put into it. Pos Business – How To Start Pos Business In Nigeria 2020, 9 Mandatory Steps To Become A Model In Nigeria 2020, Latest 41 High demand & Fast Selling Products Online in Nigeria, 16 Businesses To Start In Nigeria With 100k, Football Viewing Center Business In Nigeria: How To Start IN 2020, fashion design business: 6 simple steps to starting a lucrative fashion design business in Nigeria, 16 Lucrative Home-Based Sewing Business Opportunities/Ideas, 7 ways to start a internet cafe [detailed guide]. You are going to be the bridge between the rich that can afford the snacks and those that eat it only on good days – when they can afford it. Chin chin is a crunchy snack made with well prepared dough, flavored and deep-fried; chin chin could also be oven-baked. This information is Gold. Peanuts, the key ingredient, contains monounsaturated fats, which are the good, heart-healthy kind. I am here to tell you today that this is not true. So today, I’ll be sharing with us lucrative snack business you can start in Nigeria that will make you thousands of naira and millions yearly. While working on a name for your business though, ensure its simple and easy to understand. After little findings, I was told she has now rented a shop and no longer stays at that spot. Search for Snacks with Addresses, Phone numbers, Reviews, Ratings and Photos on Nigeria Business Directory Little things as sugar content, water content, salt etc can make or break your business. Akara also known as bean cake is also a lucrative snacks business in Nigeria. It can also be the case even if all of them were given the same capital to start up the business. Your business plan will be sent to your email within 15 minutes. Hurry now, don’t miss this opportunity. INGREDIENTS. The idea is just to separate the sheep from the goats in the industry. I know how confusing it can be especially if you want to specialize in a particular type of Nigerian snack. Thanks for this sir.... Who was your childhood hero?Who do you hate most in this lifeThe name of my best friendYour Answer. It is another best selling snacks in Nigeria. And it’s likely to attract good deals… because majority will see you as a professional, not just a random snacks seller. Your email address will not be published. The EU, Asia and South Africa suppliers are dominant. If you intend packaging your product then this phase is 100% compulsory. It’s all about thinking differently – bringing on a different approach. It is very important. Needless to say, it’s why they are today, a globally recognized brand. So let me not bore with that…, However, if there’s something I want to stick with you in this article, they are as follows. Sometimes, I would get to her space and she would tell me doughnut has finished for the day. Egg roll business can be a lucrative business in Nigeria for you if you can buy all your ingredients in wholesales and get a location where many people can buy easily preferably at rich locations like big churches or schools in your area. If you’re able to do this perfectly and get the taste right, you will make your profit without stress and you will not need to diversify into any other thing to keep you going in the business. After getting to know what will work best around you, it’s time to source for funds to get things in place. So that’s it on how to start snacks business in Nigeria from my end. 12 Different Types Of Advertising Media For Advertisers. Do the math. Embrace branding and packaging: when your snacks taste good, you want to differentiate it from others. And to ensure they don’t appear to your customers as you, you should get a legal backing by registering your business name. little things like this are the difference between success and failure… and in this article, i will be sharing with you expert guidelines on how to start snacks business in Nigeria. Below is a list of steps on how to start your own Snacks business In terms of profitability, this is the little I know…. Roles/Importance Of Personal Selling To Businessman, Consumers & Society, What is Personal Selling In Marketing? When it comes to this aspect choose your location where many people pass daily especially at the time of the day you want to be selling. The thing with us Nigerians is that we see every roadside business (selling) as demeaning and worthless but this article proofs otherwise. The essence of this is to communicate difference and quality to your target audience. That way when appear to your customers as you using your name, you meet in court. Finally, share this article with someone you feel might need it. I told her “It looks like everything is now fine with you!”  She smiled. The idea here is just to let your loved ones know you want to start snacks business of your own. After it is been certified under NAFDAC, you can now sell on a mass scale all through Nigeria. It is made from beans flour, spiced to taste and deep-fried into balls; they are taken with pap/custard, eaten with either … This is another best selling snacks I cannot wait to write about the business once I’m done with all my findings. Process, Benefits, Types, Importance Because it’s one of the ways your customers can use to demand and also recognize your product. This article will educate you on what you need to get started including the reason why you should start one. Therefore, I’d advise you do your best to acquire good baking skills. She also has an oven – basically, all equipment you will find in a snacks shop and top it all she now has stewards learning and assisting her in the snacks business. It is not as stressful as meat pie but it certainly demands more attention. Snack Production Business has been long for a while and many people do not know that it is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. The difference is just the package and shapes of the snacks. Your email address will not be published. From the little observation in her newly rented shop, I discovered that her shop was now furnished. This applies greatly to your proposed snacks business. Snacks are any informal food that can be taken in between normal meals or eaten temporarily before normal food. We both know there’s nothing new under the sun… so it’s possible your snacks business idea may just be around the corner in your neighborhood. List Of Top Modeling Agencies In Nigeria. You’ll get to see that it’s not really the business that is making the millionaires stand out but the tips and tricks they applied. How To Start A Boutique [Step By Step Guide With Pictures], Start Transportation Business in Nigeria (Updated Guide), internal sources of recruitment [Quick Guide], How to Start a barbershop (barbing salon) in Nigeria: [Things you need to know]. That’s all in this article. Motivate them with money by telling them a certain percentage of the profit is for them if they can sell the entire sausage roll giving to them. How to start the business As I said, snacks business is a low-cost business you can do that requires little start- up capital but yields good returns. However, I understand all fingers are not equal… and below are the ways you can seek funds needed to start snacks business in Nigeria. Look for a junction or bus-stop in your area where thousands of people pass every day and set up your doughnut business there. If you know someone who belongs to a cooperative that indulge monthly, weekly or daily contribution, let him or her know you need a small loan to cover the expenses and get your snacks business up and running. So register in your area with an experienced caterer and learn. Nigeria‘s retail food imports are estimated at $750 million in 2010 and projected to increase by 20 percent in 2011. After learning, the next step is to buy equipment and ingredients for your doughnut business. The duration of learning usually takes 1 -3 months depending on how fast or slow you are in terms of learning but once you’re done you’re good to go. Isn’t that good? open your own cyber cafe business in Nigeria, Fast selling products in Nigeria with good profit potential, start and run a successful pizza business in Nigeria. Nigerian Snacks Recipes. Snacks business is very profitable but I’m sure you know this already.