Using humorous examples and interactive slides/handout, your class will learn the striking difference in meaning that can occur with one misplaced comma. 2. Activity B gives the children an opportunity to use punctuation correctly. Understanding and correctly using all types of punctuation is a necessary skill. Objectives • The children will understand the importance of punctuation in writing; Often, these skills need to be reinforced in order for students to use them effectively in their work. Activity A reinforces the knowledge presented in the lesson. Unfortunately, many do not understand correct comma use with quotations. ... First they play a ball toss game to practice spelling high frequency words. This lesson explains the importance of punctuation in writing and introduces some of the more common punctuation marks. 3. How to Use Punctuation Marks in English. (A link to a 2nd grade list is attached.) Whether you're looking for comma rules with punctuation or looking for a friendly way to teach it to … I hope that you find these activities useful in your pursuit. The idea for a fundraiser was originally Jennifers. This response worksheet is found on slide 39 of the presentation. 12 PUNCTUATION Challenge Yourself: Apostrophe 1. However, the complexities of the comma and the semicolon are difficult, even for high-school students. ), and full stops ( . However, it didnt take long for others to jump on board. 4.7.1 Punctuation is a system of conventions, including marks (symbols) and spacing, that we use in written English to organise a text and indicate meaning.Punctuation marks are the symbols that we use to form punctuation, for example: commas ( , ), question marks ( ? Photo: Teachers Pay Teachers As we’ve learnt thus far, punctuation changes the tone of our sentences. This page contains an overview of the punctuation worksheets and activities on this site. ). teaching punctuation marks lesson plan provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. This lesson is designed to review the use of commas and semi-colons. First, make sure that each child is equipped with flashcards that display the different punctuation marks, as shown in the picture — question mark, comma, exclamation mark, period/full stop. Quotation marks and punctuation, when used correctly, make a drab narrative lively. Students learn a karate move for each of the punctuation marks. A simple warm-up such as the teacher holding up a punctuation mark and students calling out the name is simple, yet super effective. 4. Prem, Jane, and Ellen were in … Also, another effective and active way to get students to engage with the names and formation of punctuation marks is punctuation ninja. This 24-slide "Power of Punctuation" presentation will entertain your students and inspire them to take care with their punctuation marks. ... Use this lesson to review various punctuation marks, such as colons, commas, and dashes. Student’s at our high school organized a garage sale to raise money for a local charity. Let’s put our new knowledge to use and test it out! Practice End Marks 1 – Students read each sentence and determine whether to put a period, exclamation point, or question mark at the end. Punctuation lesson plans and worksheets from thousands of teacher-reviewed resources to help you inspire students learning. It consists of two worksheets and a handout with rules for correctly using these two punctuation marks. Self Help "Smashing Grammar" (2019) Written by the founder of Grammar Monster, "Smashing Grammar" includes a glossary of grammar essentials (from apostrophes to zeugma) and a chapter on easily confused words (from affect/effect to whether/if).Each entry starts with a simple explanation and basic examples before moving to real-life, entertaining examples. After students have completed the lesson activity, there is a worksheet included in this set for students to write their own rainy day sentences using each of the 3 punctuation marks that they reviewed in this lesson.. Though I use a variant of this activity with my college students, I believe it can be successfully adapted to high school or even junior high school students.