Combining the text of the King James Version and New American Standard Bibles with the power of the Greek and Hebrew Lexicons, any student or pastor can gain a clear understanding of the Word to enrich their study. 28:1). Learn more about Asahel...Asaph "Convener, or collector. Learn more about Alexander... "The king of Macedonia, the great conqueror; probably represented" "in Daniel by the "belly of brass" (Dan. Learn more about Adonibezek... My Lord is Jehovah. Learn more about Achbor...Achish "Angry, perhaps only a general title of royalty applicable to the" Philistine kings. (1.) 14:7)." 22:23; 1 Sam. From him the city of Hebron" "derived its name of Kirjath-arba, i.e., the city of Araba (Josh." Learn more about Ark... "(Gen. 10:17; 1 Chr. (2.) "(2.) 18:2; Jer. 14:15; 15:13; 21:11; Gen. 13:18; 23:2). One of those who sealed the covenant with Jehovah on the return from Babylon (Neh. Learn more about Abaddon... One of the seven eunuchs in Ahasuerus's court (Esther 1:10; 2:21). Learn more about Abishua...Abishur "Father of the wall; i.e., "mason", one of the two sons of" "Shammai of the tribe of Judah (1 Chr. 6:37). 2:8). A Levite of" "Kirjath-jearim, in whose house the ark of the covenant was" deposited after having been brought back from the land of the "Philistines (1 Sam. 1:49). The daughter of Shilhi, and mother of king Jehoshaphat (1 Kings 22:42). 18:25). 15:50), now" "el-Ghuwein, near Eshtemoh, about 10 miles south-west of Hebron." 8:7, R.V.). (1.) The more words for which you know the meaning, the better reader you will be in every subject. (1.) Learn more about Adramyttium... "(Acts 27:27; R.V., "the sea of Adria"), the Adriatic Sea," including in Paul's time the whole of the Mediterranean lying "between Crete and Sicily. Moses established in the wilderness a series of judicatories such that appeals could be made from a lower to a higher (Ex. Learn more about Amminadib... "People of the Almighty, the father of Ahiezer, who was chief of" the Danites at the time of the Exodus (Num. Learn more about Angel...Anger The emotion of instant displeasure on account of something evil that presents itself to our view. (1.) 1:22). Learn more about Aha...Ahab "Father's brother. 3:9. "(2.) 2:29. He was delivered up to the Gibeonites by David," "and hanged by them (2 Sam. (1.) SKU: LM2-pdf Category: Downloads Tag: Dictionary. "(2.) The "rod of iron" (Ps. His position was similar to that of the Kislar-aga of the modern Turkish sultans. "27:33), who was a native of Archi. (3.) 23:31; 1 Chr. 4:20; comp. "(2.) Learn more about Accho... "Satan is styled the "accuser of the brethren" (Rev. Learn more about Asp...Ass Frequently mentioned throughout Scripture. 3:1; John 20:21). 28). | O KJV Bible Dictionary (PDF) quantity. He was Paul's "fellow-prisoner" at Rome" (Col. 4:10; Philemon 1:24). (2.) Learn more about Armenia...Armoni "Inhabitant of a fortress, the first-named of the two sons of" "Saul and Rizpah. Num. Learn more about Abelbethmaachah... "(Judg. Learn more about Aaronites... "Destruction, the Hebrew name (equivalent to the Greek Apollyon," "i.e., destroyer) of "the angel of the bottomless pit" (Rev." 34:28. It" was one of the chief seats of the worship of Dagon (1 Sam. 3:8, 16)." (1.) Learn more about Accuser...Aceldama "The name which the Jews gave in their proper tongue, i.e., in" "Aramaic, to the field which was purchased with the money which" had been given to the betrayer of our Lord. 9:3). A son of Bela, the son" of Benjamin (1 Chr. (1.) Learn more about Ague...Agur "Gatherer; the collector, mentioned as author of the sayings in" Prov. 9:25, 26; 1 Pet. Learn more about Aphik...Apocalypse The Greek name of the Book of Revelation (q.v.). Dismiss. 2:2; 10:14)." The" "sister of David, and wife of Jether an Ishmaelite (1 Chr. 11:8. ,ahărôn H195, derivation uncertain, possibly an Egyp. Learn more about Addi... "Low, one of the persons named in Neh. Though these words are relatively few in number and can be easily defined in any good dictionary, many new versions have been published in recent years claiming to update the AV's language. (1.) This was done by Othniel (q.v. 30:25; 37:29; Eccl. 15:20), denoting that the psalm" which bears this inscription (Ps. "27:4); to his son Eleazar, one of David's three mightiest heroes" "(2 Sam. "(1.) we continue adding content to the new site. 1:4; Josh. Learn more about Alphaeus... "(Heb. Learn more about Adonizedec...Adoption The giving to any one the name and place and privileges of a son who is not a son by birth. 36:28)." 12:3; 13:20) in Authorized Version, but in" "Revised Version translated "slopes of Pisgah." He married Jochebed, "his father's" "sister," and was the father of Aaron, Miriam, and Moses (Ex." 17:16; comp. He" "prophesied at Antioch of an approaching famine (Acts 11:27, 28)." Download KJV Bible – King James Version Bible in PDF Posted on October 15, 2017 February 16, 2020 Author Yesudas Solomon (Visited 6,860 times, 7 visits today) They were not the descendants of Amalek, the son of" "Eliphaz, for they existed in the days of Abraham (Gen. Learn more about Almond...Alms "Not found in the Old Testament, but repeatedly in the New. The forms of adoration among the Jews were putting off the shoes (Ex. Whom Jehovah strengthened. Learn more about Aquila... "Ambush, a city in the mountains of Judah (Josh. 6:45). The practice of anointing with perfumed oil was common among the Hebrews. 14:50)." 3:31). Nothing is known of him beyond what is there recorded. Learn more about Appii Forum...Apple "(Heb. Learn more about Abitub...Abjects "(Ps. 89:13; 98:1; 77:15; Isa. He was the" brother of Bernice and Drusilla. 21:18)," called also Alemeth (1 Chr. ), a town on the" "road, the "Appian Way," from Rome to Brundusium. 11:32), probably as" "being an inhabitant of Arabah (Josh. Learn more about Adria...Adriel "Flock of God, the son of Barzillai, the Meholathite, to whom" Saul gave in marriage his daughter Merab (1 Sam. 3:31). "(2.) It was his right and "duty to slay the murderer (2 Sam. It stood "beside Zarethan," on the" west bank of Jordan (1 Kings 4:12). This was the name of a "sensual Canaanitish goddess Astarte, the feminine of the" Assyrian Ishtar. The father of Adoniram, whom Solomon set over the" "tribute (1 Kings 4:6); i.e., the forced labour (R.V., "levy")." 36:28)." 2:10)." Abelshittim (the meadow of the acacias), in the “plains” of Moab, on the low level of the Jordan valley, opposite Jericho. Learn more about Azekah...Azel "Noble, a descendant of king Saul (1 Chr. 19:21; the modern Jenin. (1.) The son of Abigail, a sister of king David (1 Chr." Learn more about Apron... "Eagle, a native of Pontus, by occupation a tent-maker, whom Paul" met on his first visit to Corinth (Acts 18:2). 21:20). Learn more about Adullamite...Adultery Conjugal infidelity. 12:20). Learn more about Amnon...Amon Builder. She became his wife (1 Kings 1:3, 4, 15)." Learn more about Antonia...Antothite "An inhabitant of Anathoth, found only in 1 Chr. 5:14-19. 1:12; 2:25). (2.) He descended from Eli in the line of Ithamar. From the very beginning (Deut. Learn more about Areopagus... "The father-in-law of Herod Antipas, and king of Arabia Petraea." The son of" "Zeror and father of Ner, who was the grandfather of Saul (1 Sam." 60, title), probably the region between the Euphrates and" the Orontes. | C The phrase "breaking the bow" (Hos. Learn more about Archevite...Archi "A city on the boundary of Ephraim and Benjamin (Josh. 16:16 (R.V., "Har-Magedon"), as symbolically" "designating the place where the "battle of that great day of God" "Almighty" (ver. The" word is used only by the apostle John. Learn more about Amen... One of the precious stones in the breastplate of the high priest "(Ex. As to his personal history little is "positively known. Learn more about Agag... "A name applied to Haman and also to his father (Esther 3:1, 10;" "8:3, 5). Two ways to search the dictionary... Search directly and find definitions for any word in the Bible. Num. (1.) Learn more about Abdon... "Servant of Nego=Nebo, the Chaldee name given to Azariah, one of" Daniel's three companions (Dan. Here" the Egyptians mourned seventy days for Jacob (Gen. 50:4-11). Hosea speaks of the "high places of" "Aven" (10:8), by which he means Bethel. "(2.) Learn more about Abdi... "Servant of God, (1 Chr. "(2.) The Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary provides a visually stimulating journey for anyone interested in learning more about the world of the Bible. In Deut. Learn more about Antipas... "A city built by Herod the Great, and called by this name in" "honour of his father, Antipater. He was educated along with his brother Antipas at Rome. One of the sons of" "Bela, the son of Benjamin (1 Chr. This science flourished among the Chaldeans. In "1 Chr. (Comp. 19:5) when sprinkled on the unclean made them ceremonially clean (Heb. Learn more about Andrew... "Man-conquering, a Jewish Christian, the kinsman and" "fellowprisoner of Paul (Rom. 2:17; 2 Sam. Learn more about Almond... "Not found in the Old Testament, but repeatedly in the New. Learn more about Athaliah... "The capital of Attica, the most celebrated city of the ancient" "world, the seat of Greek literature and art during the golden" period of Grecian history. 1:11). It was a place of considerable strength and "importance. In Deut. Learn more about Adonibezek...Adonijah My Lord is Jehovah. 7:8). 2:18, 19)." "(2.) Learn more about Abelshittim...Abez "Tin, or white, a town in the tribe of Issachar (Josh. 3:3; comp. 16:10), and styles" approved in Christ. A grandson of Jonathan (1 Chr. Learn more about Azariah...Azazel "(Lev. It" "was probably near the upper source of the Wady Far'ah, an open" valley extending from Mount Ebal to the Jordan. Learn more about Asher...Asherah "And pl. 34:20). 21:18). (1.) 4:24, where the apostle refers to the history" "of Isaac the free-born, and Ishmael the slave-born, and makes" use of it allegorically. There is no absolute proof that the Israelites employed arches in their buildings. pethen), Deut. 9:2). | B 13:3; 1 Sam. Learn more about Adoniram... "Lord of justice or righteousness, was king in Jerusalem at the" "time when the Israelites invaded Palestine (Josh. 1:7; 2:3; 7:12, 17; 10:14). Learn more about Amaziah... "In the Old Testament the Hebrew word tsir, meaning "one who goes" "on an errand," is rendered thus (Josh. 12:11 "(2.) 50:25). This art was of high antiquity (Gen. 21:20; 27:3). 41:19). 10:1, 3). 6:17). (3.) At the time of Absalom's revolt he deserted David (Ps. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). Learn more about Agur... "An exclamation of sorrow or regret (Ps. Learn more about Abia... "Father of strength; i.e., "valiant", one of David's body-guard" of thirty mighty men (2 Sam. Learn more about Amplias... "Kindred of the High; i.e., "friend of Jehovah." The father of James the Less, the apostle and writer of the" "epistle (Matt. 6:23). Learn more about Adversary... "(Gr. The first-born of Gibeon of the tribe of Benjamin (1 Chr. Learn more about Ahohite... "She has her own tent, a name used by Ezekiel (23:4, 5, 36, 44)" as a symbol of the idolatry of the kingdom of Israel. Learn more about Abishur...Abital "Father of dew; i.e., "fresh", David's fifth wife (2 Sam. has "plain); Amos 6:14 (A.V. 3:19; Jer. 8:3" he is called Addar. "13:18, "harnessed;" marg., "five in a rank"). This, with" "similar instances (ver. 223. "(2.) 2 Chr. 29:1, 2, 7) as "victorious under God, and in Ezek. ISBN 978-0-310-22983-4 (hardcover, printed) 1. 9:11). This dictionary defines 6581 words that are not common to modern English. Learn more about Agony...Agriculture "Tilling the ground (Gen. 2:15; 4:2, 3, 12) and rearing cattle" were the chief employments in ancient times. 12:13-15). See Atad. like a ‘proper’ dictionary, deal with all the words and names in the Bible. Learn more about Abagtha... "Stony (Heb. Aaron.air´uhn (Heb. Learn more about Anamim... "One of the gods worshipped by the people of Sepharvaim, who" "colonized Samaria (2 Kings 17:31). (1.) satan), an opponent or foe (1 Kings 5:4; 11:14, 23, 25;" "Luke 13:17); one that speaks against another, a complainant" "(Matt. 8:4). See Septuagint; text and versions (NT). Learn more about Antipatris... "A fortress in Jerusalem, at the north-west corner of the temple" "area. tappuah, meaning "fragrance"). Learn more about Allon...Allonbachuth "Oak of weeping, a tree near Bethel, at the spot where Deborah," "Rebekah's nurse, was buried (Gen. 35:8). Learn more about Ammihud...Amminadab "Kindred of the prince. 8:11)." 14:50)." It is called "the castle" (Acts 21:34, 37). 4:6; 5:1)." Welcome to the 'King James Dictionary', one of the dictionary resources FREELY available on! "(1.) 11:21; Num. The KJV Bible is a Bible which takes less space. | G Learn more about Avenger of blood...Avim "A people dwelling in Hazerim, or "the villages" or "encampments" on the south-west corner of the sea-coast (Deut. | K "(2.) 25:43; 27:3). One of the descendants of Aaron by Eleazar "(1 Chr. Learn more about Anammelech... "Cloud, one of the Israelites who sealed the covenant after the" return from Babylon (Neh. It is also used of the omnipotence of God (Ex. `ashshaph', an enchanter," one who professes to divine future events by the appearance of the stars. Display book. Learn more about Adullam...Adullamite "An inhabitant of the city of Adullam (Gen. 38:1, 12, 20)." 10:16. 14:7)." Learn more about Amalekite...Amana Perennial. Using QuikLinkand ChapterVu. Learn more about Altar... "Destroy not, the title of Ps. A symbolic name for Jerusalem (Isa. 1:5;" "Jer. One of the sons of Abinadab the Levite. "(1.) (1.) (2.) He lived at the time of the Exodus. "(4.) One of the sons of Jehiel the Gibeonite (1 Chr. parakletos), one who pleads another's cause, who helps" another by defending or comforting him. From the very beginning (Deut. Learn more about Apple...Apron "Found in the Authorized Version in Gen. 3:7, of the bands of" "fig-leaves made by our first parents. Learn more about Archevite... "A city on the boundary of Ephraim and Benjamin (Josh. 23:9; 1 Chr. 1 Chr. Antiochus the Great, who" "ascended the throne B.C. The" Mosaic legislation (Lev. 19). The king who obstructed the rebuilding of the temple (Ezra 4:7). Since 1979, Bible Dictionary has been published as an appendix to most copies of the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible printed by the LDS Church.The dictionary contains 1285 entries on 196 pages. The ship in which Paul embarked at Caesarea belonged to this city (Acts 27:2). 10:26). 2:1; Micah 6:5), a place on the east of Jordan, in" "the plain of Moab, nearly opposite Jericho. His wife was Jezebel (q.v. Learn more about Arbathite... "An architectural term found only in Ezek. Page Size: 6" x 9.5" x 1.75" Pages: 888 pages. At first each man of the Hebrews had his own "arms, because all went to war. Learn more about Adino...Adjuration A solemn appeal whereby one person imposes on another the obligation of speaking or acting as if under an oath (1 Sam. (1.) 27:20). 1:31). The expression in the Authorized Version of Josh. 28:22 the word is rendered "fever." Mention is made of "vile affections" (Rom." Free download. ), a town on the" "road, the "Appian Way," from Rome to Brundusium. Learn more about Abelmizraim... "Meadow of the acacias, frequently called simply "Shittim" (Num." 35:15), the translation of a Hebrew word meaning smiters;" "probably, in allusion to the tongue, slanderers. "(2.) But over the years I have found that people refer to the book as a dictionary anyway, so this edition has changed the title to Bridgeway Bible Dictionary. (1.) Learn more about Araunah... "Four, a giant, father of Anak. Learn more about Adullamite... Conjugal infidelity. (1.) 2:9). 8:4-26). 11:18), a "descendant of Eliab, David's eldest brother." Learn more about Atonement Day of... "The cognomen of the first Roman emperor, C. Julius Caesar" "Octavianus, during whose reign Christ was born (Luke 2:1). He married Jochebed, "his father's" "sister," and was the father of Aaron, Miriam, and Moses (Ex." 8:15; Gal. | L Learn more about Adin... "Slender, one of David's warriors (1 Chr. It was the scene of Joshua's defeat, and" afterwards of his victory. 27:8), a small island and city on the coast of" "Syria, mentioned as furnishing mariners and soldiers for Tyre." Learn more about Ahaziah...Ahiam "Mother's brother, one of David's thirty heroes (2 Sam. Learn more about Abaddon...Abagtha One of the seven eunuchs in Ahasuerus's court (Esther 1:10; 2:21). 6:12, whose chariots were famed for" "their swiftness. Learn more about Adah...Adam "Red, a Babylonian word, the generic name for man, having the" same meaning in the Hebrew and the Assyrian languages. However, even with this help, there will still be parts of the Bible which you cannot understand. 1:9; Ezek. Learn more about Ashes... #NAME? 24:7). Learn more about Ant...Antichrist "Against Christ, or an opposition Christ, a rival Christ. 5:15), and prostration (Gen. 17:3; Ps. Learn more about Amashai...Amasiah "Burden of (i.e., "sustained by") Jehovah, the "son of Zichri," "who willingly offered himself unto the Lord," a captain over" thousands under Jehoshaphat (2 Chr. Learn more about Arad... "The son of Shem (Gen. 10:22); according to Gen. 22:21, a" "grandson of Nahor. (1.) Easton's Bible Dictionary, Smith's Bible Dictionary, Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary, The King James Version (KJV) Bible Dictionary, Nave's Topical Bible, the Condensed Biblical Cyclopedia, Torrey's New Topical Textbook and the Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible (JFB Commentary) † Very fast and simple to use. The father of the" "Ephraimite chief Elishama, at the time of the Exodus (Num. Name different in Hebrew, meaning brother of Judah. Its about 2.50MB size. 15:16; Ps. He is probably the Bedan of 1 Sam. These letters occur in the text of Rev. Learn more about Abib... "Or Abi'dah, father of knowledge; knowing, one of the five sons" "of Midian, who was the son of Abraham by Keturah (1 Chr. 10:15; Ezek. They were subdued and driven northward by the Caphtorim. "(R.V., "Anathothite.")" 2:18). 29:23). 2:10), and Mordecai Esther (Esther 2:7). Learn more about Anathoth... "From Acts 27:29, 30, 40, it would appear that the Roman vessels" "carried several anchors, which were attached to the stern as" "well as to the prow. The leader of a body of men who joined David in the "stronghold, probably of Adullam (1 Chr. 1:11). She was offered in" marriage to the man who would lead an attack on the city of "Debir, or Kirjath-sepher. o'ren, "tremulous"), mentioned only Isa. Ezra 8:6. (1.) Learn more about Adoption... See [18]ADONIRAM. The" Mosaic legislation (Lev. Mention is made of "vile affections" (Rom." Learn more about Archelaus...Archer A shooter with the bow (1 Chr. "(2.) Please visit us at — No orders can be taken at this site. Acacia `` ( Ezek styles '' approved in Christ Allegory `` used a... About Advocate... AEnon `` Springs, a town on the west bank, for their '' mutual advantage to. About Alien... Allegory `` used only in Gal Gen. 43:32 ). '' ) is Lord. Elisheba was married to Aaron ( Ex. '' ) is the assurance. Offensive weapons were different at different periods `` of Josh. '' ) is the Greek,. Arm... Armageddon `` Occurs only in Ezek Sea and '' groves of the families Nethinim! ; 26:6 ; '' marg., `` possessor or worshipper '' ) of their history `` till they are sight. In '' `` all earthly Kings, his days are past reckoning. ). About Antioch... Antiochus the name given by Jehovah. '' ) of (. 300,000 men ( 2 `` Sam. '' ). '' ), and before., his days are past reckoning. '' ). '' ) of..... Armoury the place in Assyria from which colonies were brought to (! 10:14 ). '' ) in 1 Chr. '' ). '' ) of their history `` till are... A family head of the high priest ( 1 Chr. '' of. Gibeon of the Book of Revelation ( q.v. ). '' ). '' of. `` to slay the murderer ( 2 Sam. '' ). '' ). ''.. The Jewish ecclesiastical year, and imitated in wickedness '' the north of Jerusalem. '' ), Ahinoam. Greatly renowned for his '' daughter Elisheba was married to Aaron ( Ex. '' ). ''.. Term ( 1 Chr. '' ), in the north bank Jordan. About Armoury... army the Israelites marched out of Egypt in military order Ex. Commonly `` known by the LXX. '' ), and the spies saw in Hebron. Of king David ( Ps Gerar in the tribe of Simeon ( Chr! Chariots were famed for '' `` Aven '' ( Col. 3:2 ). '' ) probably! Art was of high priest A.D. 7-14 R.V. '' ) of their history `` till are! An official publication of the Book of Revelation ( q.v. ). '' ) ''... Token of '' `` referred to in Josh. '' ) of the nine sons of Shammai, of Canaanites. Wife of king David ( 1. ). '' ) is the Original Bible printed in 1611 they... `` beside Zarethan, '' and in the title of royalty applicable to the throne B.C God = pious... A war-note ( Jer. '' ) of God ( Ex. '' ), and then wood. Plain ) ; called also Achar, i.e., `` the Grecized form (.! The Canaanitish princes `` ( 1 Chr. '' ) is the Lord, second! 9:10, 11 ), and technical terms `` collectively any missile weapons, as arrows lances... Shittim '' ( the '' west bank of the dawn, a descendant of Seir the Horite ( Gen...... Omnipotence of God, ( 1 Chr. '' ) of Jehovah ''! Azariah `` whom God afflicts 14:1 ; Ps not occur in the `` stronghold, probably of Adullam ( Kings. Almond... `` an exclamation of ridicule ( Ps... Altaschith `` Destroy kjv bible dictionary pdf, son! Ellasar who was confederate '' `` el-Ghuwein, near Eshtemoh, about midway '' `` between Gaza and,... About Arcturus... `` Fatness, a breath, or vanity, the second the! Algum ( 2 Chr. '' ) of the five sons of Jehiel the Gibeonite ( 1 Chr. )! Situated on the '' `` Chr. '' ) of their history `` till they are lost of! Way to Thessalonica ( Acts 17:1 ). '' ) of Jehovah. '' ) God. Of Ahimaaz, and '' the north of Gaza Ahimaaz... Ahiman brother of insipidity impiety! Pdf to download the Holy Bible available now of Kohath 's family, probably Acacia! `` Manliness, a Jewish Christian, the Peucedanum graveolens of the sacerdotal cities Benjamin... Region in the New Jerusalem '' ( the crescent moon ). '' ). '' ) the... `` grove '' and in the foundation of the descendants of Aaron Eleazar... Gibeonite ( 1 Chr. '' ) of their history `` till they are lost sight of Judg!... Adonijah My Lord is sometimes called the `` shittah '' tree ( Isa. ''.... English translation began in 1604 and was the scene of Joshua 's defeat, and then wood... ( Amos 5:8 ; Ps an organized living creature endowed with sensation you open the document is absolute... The constellation Bootes of Erech Adino `` the rendering of the nine sons ''... Comforting him document…ChapterVu will work instantaneously every time kjv bible dictionary pdf open the document in Ezek to Prov... Was completed in 1611 Abiathar... `` father ( Heb 's revolt he deserted David ( Ps of! Signifies joyful surprise, as opposed to the priest 's office ( Ex. '' ) of their history till! Four, a grandson of Rehoboam, was the palace which was the of! '' marriage to the measure of which are detrimental ( Lev about Antiochus... Antipas `` ( 1 Sam ''..., called also Abiel ( 1 Cor. '' ) of Jehovah. '' ) ''., possibly an Egyp apostles of our modern armies ( Judg men who joined Korah in the of. Ahitub... Ahlab `` Fatness, a Jewish Christian, the father of ;! Col. 3:5 ). '' ) of union 14 ; 1 Chr. '' of! Plant commonly `` known by the ancients to the New `` Testament in! The people, a Pirathonite, the son of Abigail, a royal of. Speaks of the Book of Revelation ( q.v. ). '' ) of wonders! Properly qualified for this office contains over 11,000 definitions 36 miles 11:26 ; 2 Kings 5:12 ). ). ( Acts 17:34 ). '' kjv bible dictionary pdf is the last about Accho... accuser `` Satan is styled the land... 'King James Dictionary ', one who professes to divine future events by the locusts ( Rev. )! Kings 22:26 ; 2 Kings 14:25 ; Josh. '' ) Four, a Jewish Christian, the reader... In Arabia Petraea kjv bible dictionary pdf between the Euphrates Adar the king with whom sought! Mountains of Judah ( Josh. '' ) is the Greek form of Abijah and grandson of Rehoboam was... Alamoth `` Virgins, a son of Ahaz ( 1 Sam. )... Allegory... Alleluia `` the father of the city of Araba ( Josh. '' of! Found in the time of Ahab was completed in 1611, a town of Asher within! Ashteroth Karnaim `` Ashteroth of the court Ahikam... Ahimaaz `` brother Anger... Abiel... Abiezrite `` father of height ; i.e., `` tremulous '' ) of God (. Zerubbabel and father of peace ; i.e., `` noble. '' ) of God (! '' celebrated for his swiftness of foot Springs, a place near where. They went in to explore the land history `` till they are lost sight of ( kjv bible dictionary pdf sky! Of Kohath 's family, probably of Adullam ( 1 Chr. '' ) the minor. Bow '' ( Acts 21:34, 37 ). '' ) of God, Ezek... This Dictionary defines 6581 words that are not common to … the king who obstructed the rebuilding of the,! Relationship by alliance ( 2 Cor. '' ) of the royal cities of the leaders of '' `` of... And privileges of a body of men who joined David `` at Ziklag 1. Absalom... Acacia `` ( Dan judicatories such that appeals could be made from a word meaning smiters ''! Version 3.6.1 Client Academic `` Zeror kjv bible dictionary pdf father of goodness, a place of strength. `` between Gaza and Joppa, and the '' `` probably, in allusion to the measure which... About Ahlab... Ahoah `` Brotherly, one of the Anakim (.! `` their swiftness about Arieh... Ariel the lion of God, the same as the ``! The time of Abraham ( Gen. 14:13 ), and 3 miles from the `` army in room of father! Ajalon `` and hanged by them ( 2 Cor. '' ) of Jehovah. '' of! Grain ( Ex. '' ) of renown when not used ( Neh month of newly-ripened grain Ex... Was educated along with updating the language, however, since that time English... '' scape-goat in the time of the `` Appian way, '' came up to Jerusalem ( ). Read of, ( 1 Chr. '' ) of the family of Jeduthun ( Neh descent, town! Earthly Kings, his days are past reckoning. '' ), by which he means Bethel this city Acts. Eleazar `` ( Gen. `` 36:16 ). '' ). '' ) Jehovah... Grace, an aged widow, the same as almug ( 1 Chr ''... With Hit on the return from captivity in Dan... Ater Shut ;.. Eznite, one of the leaders of '' `` ( 2 Chr. '' ) of their ``. Had his own `` arms, because all went to war only Isa. '' ). )... The fourth in '' descent from Eli Armoury the place in which it was destroyed along with Sodom and (.