Eleanor Parker, as a World War II flame who reenters Brennans life, fuels the romance. One film to cash in on the jet pilot craze was Chain Lightning (1950) starring Humphrey Bogart. HU12 CHAIN LIGHTNING (1949) Humphrey Bogart original lobby card Title: CHAIN LIGHTNING (1949) DESCRIPTION: Here s a terrific lobby card from the original release of CHAIN LIGHTNING featuring a great image of HUMPHREY BOGART and ELEANOR PARKER .. Completed in early 1949, Chain Lightning was held back from release until 1950; it was Humphrey Bogart's final Warner Bros. film. He volunteers to test Whorf's experimental escape device by flying at high-speed. angular, zigzag, or forked lightning; XP-58 Chain Lightning, an American World War II fighter airplane; Chain Lightning, a 1922 silent film melodrama; Chain Lightning, a 1927 American silent Western film; Chain Lightning, a 1950 war film starring Humphrey Bogart; Chain Lightning, by Don McLean "Chain Lightning", a Steely Dan song from the album Katy Lied Completed in early 1949, Chain Lightning was held back from release until 1950; it was Humphrey Bogart… 1950 Directed by Stuart Heisler. Seeing Bogie "fly" test jets is less exciting than it sounds and there's only a few sparks between him and Parker. The test is a success (though it's nip and tuck for a while), and Bogart survives for a final clinch with Parker. Chain lightning may refer to: . Humphrey Bogart plays Brennan in Chain Lightnings lofty mix of adventure and romance. May 21, 2012 - "Chain Lightning" Humphrey Bogart and Eleanor Parker 1950 Warner Bros. Distinctly not-bad special effects, Roy Roberts a general running a flight test, Raymond Massey the aviation kingpin, Eleanor Parker the panicked girlfriend of the pilot, revealed to be Humphrey Bogart, Stuart Heisler directing, opening the jet-age melodrama Chain Lightning… Watch Chain Lightning starring Humphrey Bogart in this Drama on DIRECTV. Chain Lightning Bogart, a bomber pilot in 1943, is in love with Parker, a Red Cross worker in Europe. Former World War II flying ace Matt Brennan (Humphrey Bogart) takes a position as a test pilot for a commercial aircraft corporation and bumps into his old girlfriend, Jo Holloway (Eleanor Parker), who now works as a receptionist for the company. Chain Lightning (1950) - Make Him Come Down! CONDITION: Lobby card is in EXCELLENT condition. And the adventure takes wing with a story that, like Breaking the Sound Barrier, The McConnell Story and other postwar films, taps into the eras fascination with jet aviation. It's available to watch. Chain Lightning Humphrey Bogart Eleanor Parker Raymond Massey (1950) A World War II bomber pilot (Humphrey Bogart) comes home, tests a jet and renews his … ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi Home Top Box Office ... Bogart's a test pilot and has a romantic interlude with the lovely Eleanor Parker. Chain Lightning. Synopsis There's a new Bogart thrill in the sky!