Real Estate Express is the leading online school for licensed California real estate broker licensing education. Truthfulness: Applicants must be honest and truthful. Prepaid Rental Listing Services. Find a real estate agent or broker . We offer 9 California-specific packages for both broker and sales agent real estate license renewals. To qualify, you are required to complete eight courses and pass the California state Broker licensing exam. Live support. Online content with option of printed books. Advance your real estate career to the next level with a California Broker Real Estate License. Real estate license reciprocity: Applicants who have an out-of-state (U.S. territory or Canadian) real estate license that has been active within the last three years and that is equivalent to North Carolina’s provisional or “full” broker license may waive the state’s prelicensing courses. Check for Available California Real Estate Exam Dates. Video:DRE Getting a Corporate License. Corporation Licenses. A real estate broker can be a big help when searching for real estate, but you only want to do business with legitimate brokers. California Real Estate Broker Requirements. Enroll today and start your real estate career! In order to become a Real Estate Broker in the state of California you are required to successfully complete eight DRE-approved courses and then pass the Broker State Exam. A corporation may be licensed as a real estate broker through one or more of its officers who are brokers or have qualified for a broker license by examination within the twelve months preceding receipt of application. Allied Schools offers quick and flexible real estate broker license courses in California, exam prep, and student support. Every day, more California real estate agents are deciding to take the next step in their career by earning a broker license. Now is the Time to Invest in Your Career. Packages as low as $44.50. Pass today! California real estate broker licensing requirements include: Age: Must be at least 18 years of age; Residency: Must provide proof of legal residence in the US. You can also file a complaint against a broker at the same website. California Real Estate Broker License Courses . All other real estate pros that are getting a license for the first time will need to get down to a live scan service location in California to get fingerprinted. If you have been convicted of a crime, the license … To check if the broker has a valid license, visit California’s Bureau of Real Estate and perform a search. ... Self-schedule or reschedule your examination date, print a license certificate, renew a license, change of address. If you’re already a California real estate agent you can skip this step because it was already completed when you applied for a salesperson license. Becoming a broker enables you to earn more money and expand your possibilities by starting your own firm and hiring a team of agents..